Welcome To My Bed


Two more days and I will have to be officially moved out and in again. I wonder if I'm capable of staying put. I want time to get poems off-page for the CUPSI qualifier next Tuesday because pretty much everybody I talk to tells me I belong on that team. I am tired of disappointing my friends and myself when it comes to demonstrating what all of us seem to agree upon. I am lobbying for two extra hours to be put in the day. I need more time to work, but really just more time to write. There isn't enough time for writing.

I hope that College Nats are somewhere warm. I'm trying to be positive about the regular blizzard schedule and my snot freezing inside my nose when I walk anytime after dark, but I don't remember it ever being this bad. I can't help missing steaming up windows last Jan-Term. I don't even have time for that anymore.