Welcome To My Bed


In a fit of self-indulgence (or maybe it was sheer necessity), I decided that I need to make a new blog. Not to worry, this one will still exist long into the future. The new one, Edible Words, is something of an experiment for me. But I'll have to explain some things first before I can explain this new project.

I go to a college in a looney bin. Not literally, but the way things are organized is a little difficult to wrap your head around. And if not that, it's at least hard to wrap your head around why someone would divide a typically four year education into three uneual segments. Anyway. When you first arrive at Hampshire, you are in Division I. Div I's have ten requirements. Five of them are learning goals that have to be met by the end of that first year; the other five are distribution requirements that mean you have to study in each of the five schools at Hampshire (Humanities Arts & Cultural Studies, Interdisciplinary Arts, Natural Science, Cognitive Science, and Social Science). When you finish these requirements, you submit a portfolio of your work to your advisor, and if you did everything properly, you advance to Div II.

Div II is a period of time that usually lasts about two years (or includes about two years' worth of study), and it is when you declare what you are concentrating in and find a committee of faculty to support you in that study. I say "concentrating" because "major" is too strong a word. A concentration gives you quite a bit of breathing room to explore anything and everything you are interested in based on uniting these things conceptually. My concentration (declared a semester early!!) is in the exploration of language, using reading and writing as modes to explore why and how we choose to articulate ourselves. And that is where Edible Words fits in. It is a blog for the academic me, so that by the time I reach Div III, the final installment of a Hampshire education when a student designs and executes a thesis project over the course of two semesters, I will have had ample time dedicated to figuring out the questions I have picked out of the sky for myself to answer. Also, I just really like talking about books.

So, I guess this is a plug? Check it out if you like writing, or reading, or if you have the capacity to appreciate a well-developed sentence.