Welcome To My Bed

Slightly frustrated.

I hate to complain about such things (even though I am one of the more punctual people that I know), but I have been sitting on the floor outside of my committee chair's office for over an hour and I am running out of ways to entertain myself.


It looks pretty much exactly like this.

I feel rather sick.

James promises Chinese food for dinner and a movie night. But I'm not sure I can make it past this meeting. I may or may not die in this hallway. I have been reading Infinity Blues on and off all day long and I don't think it is having positive effects on me, i.e. dredging up reasons for depression, bringing me down a bit. Also, my back has been incredibly stiff all week, and I really don't know what to do about it. I also need to go to the eye doctor, and I will probably need glasses. I have headaches recently the likes of which I haven't seen since the seventh grade, which was the last time I had glasses. I am surprised my eyes stayed corrected for this long. Or maybe they've just been awful for awhile and I got used to it or something. I have no idea.

I just want to lie down.

I had Corn Pops for breakfast this morning. I had forgotten how good they are.

I want to get this meeting over so that I have time for a nap before dinner.