Welcome To My Bed

Seams rip sometimes without warning.

Wrote two poems today, unheard of lately.

I am so jittery and distracted lately

I don't want to blame the caffeine


I really think it might be that.

Currently reading the book Woolf hadn't really finished before the river came into play. So sad. I really wonder what sentences would be different if she had lived long enough to see the manuscript through. I guess things get a little heavy at times in my head. I should've adopted a less sad writer as a hero. I must be drawn to these dark types, the kinds who get bogged down as easily as I do.

The overwhelming feeling of dread has returned.

I'm trying to avoid letting it get to me.

Deep breaths, more and more caffeine. And the Hess after work for a new pack of relief. Whoops, hold on, I think I'm getting another poem.