Welcome To My Bed

Pre-orders, and process.

I have a confession to make. Here goes: I have never...pre-ordered a book before. I know, it's absolute insanity. I own more books than anything else (except maybe earrings, because they tend to come in pairs), and it would make sense that I would chase down my favorite authors' next releases and make sure I could read them first. However, there is a small detail that complicates things. My two favorite authors (Woolf and Tolstoy) happen to be dead, so pre-ordering their books really doesn't happen. Unless Tolstoy comes out in a new translation, but I digress.

This morning, when I was checking my mail (as I have been doing feverishly for the past two weeks), I was pleasantly surprised with a slip telling me I had a package.

And it was none other than my first pre-order ever, a book of poems and short fiction by musician Ryan Adams entitled Infinity Blues. I ordered this in October, and it doesn't hit bookstores until April. But today, in December, I got the book I plan on curling up with when I am home for Christmas break, swimming in butter cookie bliss (or flour-less chocolate cake coma). Mr. Adams keeps a blog that can only be described as exhaustive, and in it (among quite a lot of other things) he talks a lot about his writing process, and how important it is for him to write every day. He wakes up early every morning and sits down to do "work". Whether that is writing poetry, a novel that he currently has in process, or the songs he is decently famous for, he takes a very specific pride in what he produces that I really admire. I like to think that I have a tiny fraction of that dedication, in that I write daily in a paper journal, a log for any and all thoughts worth being remembered. This routine has helped me through a recent hard drive crash (when I lost half a novel and a year's worth of poetry), as well as plenty of boredom in class or free time on rainy days, which are in abundance this fall in New England.

I can't pass judgement yet, but I have a feeling this whole pre-order business will be a success. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and I'll let you know when I figure it out.