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Moving violation.


So I was out at about 2 am driving to pick up Maggie from a friend's house, and I get pulled over just as I'm entering Westwood. I expected this to happen as soon as I saw the cop car. My sister rear ended a Hummer at least a month ago, cracking the hood of the car slightly in the front and completely shattering the left headlight. It had worked for awhile, if you can call pointing into the sky like a searchlight working, but it has since stopped functioning unless the high beams are on. She has recently taken the stance that since the car is technically mine and will revert back to my custody come August, that she refuses to fix the headlight at all. Even though it's illegal to drive around with one headlight.

Anyway, so I'm driving, get pulled over for the first time in my life, and a fairly young officer of the law reluctantly hands me two tickets: one for the busted headlight, and one for being out after midnight with a provisional license. Now, I can get the provisional license citation dropped if I just get my license changed while I'm still home. As for the headlight situation, yes it is my fault that I went out driving, but my sister should have fixed it by now because the accident was her responsibility especially when the car is really mine. Also, the reason I got pulled over was the headlight; if it had been working, I wouldn't have been pulled over, because I was following all other rules of the road.

Here is my dilemma. Should I make my sister pay the headlight ticket? Should we each pay half? Or should I just resign myself to her obvious response that she hates me, that I am an asshole, and that it's my own fucking fault. I think her words were a little harsh there, but that could just be me.