Welcome To My Bed

Finals, in a manner of speaking.


Oh look at me, woke up before noon on a Saturday, just so I could catch up on my reading. It is something of a finals week here, but we don't have exams. It's a strange system. Instead of grades of exams, we hand in a final portfolio for each of our classes, full of the work we've done over the course of the semester and a self-evaluation. And then the professors goes over our work and writes us each an evaluation. It's stressful in a way, because it makes the curriculum very writing-heavy, but writing has always been preferable to filling in little bubbles to prove that I read something. So I am finishing up the lit bits and pieces I need to get done for my portfolios, which are due a week from this Wednesday.

I have been writing up a storm in my personal endeavors as well, and my book has finally reached 100 pages. I am so ecstatic. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up into next semester, when I will be doing twice as much reading and writing as I am now. That's what I get for concentrating in creative writing and literature I suppose.