Welcome To My Bed

Comfort food.

Yesterday was a really gratifying day. The drama of the weekend has died down considerably, and I feel much more functional than I usually do. I saw Sean and got to show him a bunch of the work from my welding class, which was really fun, mostly because nobody really gets to see any of it. Also, I've been dying to catch up with Sean. All semester we've been busy or off doing our own thing, and as of recently I've been making a serious conscious effort to see the people I want in my life. He is leaving for IWPS today or tomorrow, and then when he gets back Jan-Term is the last time I'll get to spend with him on campus. Sophia and I plan on throwing him a wonderful graduation party.

Georgie and I went to SAGA together and I got to vent frustration about the shit that's gone down, and also meet all of his friends. I had an extra class in Lemelson to present our final crop of projects, which was great. I'm heavily considering taking a sculpture class next fall. I got so much out of this one, and I have always wanted to work in three dimensions. After class, I went over to see James. My mush was incredibly sick with a migraine, so I made him a very light dinner, made sure he was all tucked in, and left a lot earlier than I had planned so he could get some rest. I ended up hanging out in Dakin with Georgie and his hallmates, which was a really great time. We gave ourselves henna tattoos and told ridiculous stories, and then when his friends decided it was time for bed, he and I adjourned to his room for more talking. I explained the weird hallucination I had Friday morning, and he agreed with me that it was probably some form of synesthesia, and he also believes that my precognitive dreams are real. We stayed up discussing things until about one-thirty, and then decided that it had gotten late enough.

So, the day was satisfying, I felt loved. But now to get to the actual point of this entry. For the past several months, my night time falling asleep TV show has been the first season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. But recently I realized I was on the last disk, and had just been playing the same two episodes over and over again. So when I got back to my room last night, I switched back to an oldie but goodie, delving into the fourth season of one of my favorite things to vegetate in front of.


I finished the third season back in September, and I am amazed that I had yet to even glance at the fourth, especially when the fifth is still in its shrink wrap on my DVD shelf. So much Creek left to experience! A perfect cap to a very satisfying day.