Welcome To My Bed

Buried treasure.

At my school, we have this wonderful thing in all of the laundry rooms. It's a very simple concept, but I haven't seen it much before. It is known as the "free pile". People leave things there that they no longer want. It's elementary. However, because I am living in a freshman dorm instead of upperclassman housing for the time being (which will be remedied in January), people don't seem to understand what to do about the free pile. The folding table in the laundry room is engulfed in dingy-looking socks. I don't think that anyone wants someone else's socks. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure.

Also, there is a girl on my hall who has a cardboard box next to her door that is always full of stuff. I am not sure if it is up for grabs or not, but I take things anyway, because the intention is semi-obvious in that most of the things are really shabby or messed up in some way. She is just too lazy to go down one flight of stairs and dump it in the free pile. Or maybe she's just saving the good stuff for me. Today there was a champagne lace dress with a broken zipper. Easily fixed, and exactly my size. Too perfect. I can't wait to beg my grammy to re-zipper it for me. One of these days I'll get some Doc boots and a mohawk and be all set to raise hell. But for now I'll remain dainty and pretend I did not scavenge a frilly party dress from someone else's refuse.


I love and hate lazy people.

Only four pages left to write and then all of it is done-zo!