Welcome To My Bed


Tomorrow is a big day. My first presidential election that I can actively participate in. I'm not at all sure how I feel about it. Just scared. Hopeful. Too many things.

I have about 102 pages of Mrs. Dalloway to read for tomorrow at two, and I'm trying to decide if I should go to bed now, or finish it before falling asleep. I read the book years ago. I could give up altogether, but that would be careless of me. I could just truck for an hour and see how far I can get. Yes. That's what I'll do. Instead of watching Michael Palin's BBC special on the Himalayas. Which I really wish I was watching still. There were yaks at the end of the last episode. They were so weird and wooly.

Here he is with an elephant.


I give up on doing work. I feel over-encumbered lately. At least there are barely six weeks left until winter break.