Welcome To My Bed

Feels good to be lost.


Meet Junk Bunny, a creature I made out of wire I'm pretty sure is meant to be used for baling hay. I find that I am most productive in my sculpture class when I have no idea what to do with myself and therefore start fucking around without a purpose. Junk Bunny will be a Christmas present for my mother, because she loves rabbits, and also when I give her handmade gifts. He looks like pencil scribbles, and that makes me smile.

I nerded out a little too much tonight talking about the incarnations of Star Trek from my childhood, resolving to find downloadable versions as soon as I get my external hard drive. I miss TNG and Deep Space Nine. I miss simpler times really, when television made me happy without the currently prerequisite channel-surfing. I will never remember the digital cable set-up I have at home. If I go looking for some innocuous movie to fall asleep to, I invariably end up passing out to a Girls Gone Wild informercial simply because I have given up on locating a channel that has actual programming past midnight. So frustrating.

I pre-registered for spring classes today. Time has gotten better at sprinting. I have never been a runner. I try to enjoy the view too often. The finish line never coincides with my line of vision. This could be an incredible problem or the greatest relief.