Welcome To My Bed

And now that acting is over with.

Shooting yesterday was absolutely ridiculous. The director had no idea what was going on, or at least he didn't know how to articulate it. He kept letting one of the male actors boss him around. I did twelve or thirteen takes of a scene where I have to fall down in a tile kitchen, and even in spite of falling correctly, my knees are bruised to shit. Also, I had to run down a frozen hill in a frantic and disturbed manner in five inch heels. I got it on the first take, but of course we had to do another. And I fell, right onto my knees.

I wish there was something I could cut my teeth on that didn't involved murdering my legs.

In other, happier news, Kt and I bonded over the ludicrous things we were asked to do. She and I are playing identical twins in that Black 29 production I keep mentioning. It's going to be a blast. At the first table read, we stayed after and ran our scene a couple times, and it was just so much fun. We both got involved in this weird noir situation as a result of that table read. If nothing else, it gave us the chance to hang out.

I'm just not sure the bruises were worth it.