Welcome To My Bed

Too. Syked. For. Words.


An impromptu poem (bad, I bet) to try and express how I feel at this moment:

Tearing out my hair--
in twelve hours
I will be at work.
But another twelve after that
I will be
tequila in the freezer,
Velma from Scooby Doo,
Maggie&Emily back in action.
Putting the Jersey back in New England--
not that it was ever here to begin with.
I can't finish real thoughts.

Hampshire Halloween, for the horribly uninformed, is supposed to be legendary. And maybe it was, once. Last year I just wandered around a little dazed, a little overwhelmed. This year is pretty much going to be the opposite. Or maybe the same, but for very different reasons. I can't wait for Sean's show! I can't wait to see Sophia as a robot! I can't wait for Maggie to finally know where I live for the majority of the year. Best friends should not be a summer-only commodity.