Welcome To My Bed

The saga continues...

I spent four hours in the library computer lab today, and finally finished re-typing my book from a manuscript and various other sources. I printed it putting four pages on one side of a piece of paper, and it fits on sixteen piece of paper double sided in this tiny ant format. I keep emailing the file to myself, but as a result of recent events, I no longer trust technology. Everything needs to be backed up or in hard copy from now on. I don't know what I would do if for some reason the meticulous editting and revisions I did disappeared into thin air. Probably just start re-typing again.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the Holyoke Apple store to get everything checked out. My IT people lied, and I still have two years of warranty left. I am crossing my fingers that I won't need a completely new laptop, and that they won't need to keep my computer overnight. Driving back and forth to the mall is a pain in the ass. Malls remind me so much of New Jersey...I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Probably more of the second one.

While in the computer lab, I drank a giant thermos of coffee to combat a hangover, the first one I've had in about two years. I only get hangovers when I get sick the night before. And man did I get sick last night. Thankfully, no permanent damage has been done. Except that I'm crashing from my afternoon caffeine OD. But James is making pasta. Hopefully I can distract my body by filling myself with a lot of carbs and pretending away this intense back pain that won't quit.

The epic string of mysterious illnesses really needs to leave me alone.

I am getting an external hard drive for Christmas from my dad. Thank god my family has never given me useless presents.