Welcome To My Bed

Perfectly silent at the bottom of the world.


All the way back to New Jersey by way of Redding, CT, a two day road trip with a sleepless layover, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my teeth. I mean, look at them. They are too healthy. No cavities, no infections, no problems involving wisdom. I probably just clench my jaw in my sleep. Perfect. I even have an extra one, what looks like a baby tooth without roots that is growing out of my jawbone. It has enamel and everything, but stays hiding in my gums, stowing away in case of tooth emergency. I wish I had gotten a copy of the x-ray. I think I will paint a picture of it later. Teeth look so weird in x-rays. Their roots seem alien.

I got very good sloppy joes out of all of this. Also, a very nice, understated ham sandwich for lunch today. And I bought cigarettes legally for the first time ever in my home state. It was surreal. The cashier didn't even want to see my ID, just asked if I was older than nineteen, and when I said yes and started to show him my license, he told me he believed me and that it didn't matter. I felt very silly.

When we (James and I) got back on campus earlier this afternoon, I decided I need to rearrange my furniture. For the third time this year. I think it will most likely stay this way for a decent amount of time. I finally have a working TV, now all I need is a record player. Every time I got to Newbury Comics I am so tempted to buy more vinyl, but I know that all of it is pointless until I have something to play it on. Silly storage closet, gobbling up my way to experience good quality tunes.

I am going to be the UTZ potato chip girl for Halloween. I realized I accidentally have her haircut while driving behind an UTZ truck on I-91 today. Not that I really have a haircut at all, being that this is just my hair growing out from being barely a whisper on my scalp. I kind of miss being bald most days, but then it gets below freezing at night, and I'm riding my bike home, and I change my mind.

Thirty poems in thirty days has been successful so far. I must keep pushing through.