Welcome To My Bed

Flu, or perhaps just a season changing.


Do I look sick to you? Because my Spongebob thermometer says that I have a fever of 101.5, which is decidedly higher than my temperature should be. And my head feels like it's going to split in two and roll off under my desk.

I played Harvest Moon for about seven or so hours today to try to take my mind off of how shitty it is outside (raining on and off for the past three or four days), how shitty I feel (starting last night while we wandered campus making a drunkumentary...except that I didn't drink), and how little I feel like eating lately. I had to force myself to go to breakfast this morning. I went grocery shopping and bought pretzels and rice cakes and nothing of any serious nutritional value. And I forgot to take my vitamins. Which I will do now, or at least when I'm done typing.

Tomorrow I have to read all of Twelfth Night, finish The Voyage Out, absorb two chapters of A Room of One's Own, and start my fiction workshop homework. None of this would daunt me, except that it's hard for me to even focus on my keyboard right now. And Health Services doesn't open until Monday morning. By which time, I could be dead. Or perfectly healthy again. I am hoping for the later.

My bed doesn't seem very inviting right now, but I really need to lie down.

On the bright side, maybe I won't have to deal with country music in yoga this week if my insufferable headache keeps up.