Welcome To My Bed

Feel loved.


My shark brings everybody eternal happiness. Thank god for such things.

The ways that I have been spending my time cause me to lose huge chunks of the day that I might spend reading for class or getting to know the people on my hall. But I am content to lay around watching Hostel: Part II on blu-ray, because, to me, that is much more important than cleaning my room or reading a shit-ton of Shakespeare. I avoid parties, choosing instead to drink my 40's in the comfort of James's mod, where I can be sure that things will be fun. I have an unhealthy distrust for other people's attempts to entertain me lately.

Rearranging my furniture for the bulk of today has gotten the gears turning. I'm sure my room will be clean by the end of today, that I will probably get around to changing my sheets and making some coffee. Also, I will eat some of the delicious chicken salad I made yesterday in the only kitchen I currently have access to. It has tarragon and dried cranberries and is one of my favorite foods. Amid cooking lunch for myself for the next week (and also making dinner for myself and James), I submitting my 20 page piece to my fiction workshop. I will get feedback on Wednesday. In the meantime, I am going to continue scouring my room, making everything beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. All of my books are in size order, my records are alphabetized (I bought Jawbreaker's Dear You on Friday at Newbury Comics' 30th anniversary sale, and I am more in love than I was to begin with; loss-less sound!!!), my dishes are stacked, and I am fully prepared to finally finish something that I start. And then dive into my homework.

And to top it all off, it almost smells like fall.