Welcome To My Bed



John Sands and JeanAnn Verlee did a double feature last night, and all I could do was doodle in awe. Also, I wrote a poem about leeches. I don't have any cash lately, so buying chapbooks was out of the question. I just slunk out ashamed of myself, already worried about the slam next Tuesday. I want to get pieces off page. I think that today, after checking my mail and finishing my homework, I will start practicing. Also, I think it's about time I finally compiled a chapbook of my own. I already have enough material that I'm proud of for at least three. And there's a handy copy shop in the basement of the library. Something to consider anyway.

If there is a God, he'd let me lay in bed all day with cheese doodles watching DVDs and writing nothings down. And apparently there is one, because today, I don't have class until after six.

Yesterday was opened and closed by fire alarms. Nazi regimes -- not being allowed to smoke inside if one so chooses is more than a little ridiculous. I have been jarred awake by bells and whistles one too many times, and I haven't been getting good sleep as a result.