Welcome To My Bed



So recently, I finally downloaded the new iTunes. And there is a new feature, besides a highly jarring view mode where you scroll through album covers instead of the grid of songs and artists everyone is pretty used to. It is called "Genius". Now, the people at Apple are pretty presumptuous, because Genius is not as high functioning as they would have you think. It can only make its "genius" playlists using knowledge it has from the iTunes store and artist comparisons made therein. It does not know what to do with the Beatles. Or anything not available for sale through Apple for that matter.

The above screenshot is what it gave me for Ryan Adams's "Nuclear". It is a decent playlist. But what if I had wanted "Nowhere Man" on it? I think that Genius needs some kind of tie-in with Pandora. Because maybe then things would work out properly. I tried to make a sleepytime playlist last night with this feature using "Alone in Kyoto" by Air, and no matter what, so much Le Tigre kept showing up. I cannot fall asleep to Le Tigre.