Welcome To My Bed

Breathing room.


Dropping classes never felt so good. I went from wanting to take six classes to realizing I could only take four without jeopardizing my health or my ability to work at least ten hours a week. And as it stands now, I am incredibly happy. My Shakespeare & Woolf class seems like it will be a blast, and I got into a fiction workshop that requires instructor permission and typically only takes upper-classmen. I am proud of me. But there is still much to do.

This weekend, I have to read A Midsummer Night's Dream at least twice and annotate passages that I must be prepared to talk about extensively on Tuesday. And for two weeks from now, I have to finish all of Woolf's first novel. The reading schedule will continue. For my workshop, I'll be submitting a piece of my novel for peer critique, as well as reading and writing a ton every week. We did this amazingly simple exercise where we had to write along with music, and not only was the music chosen awesome (weird piano strangeness, rockabilly, punk, violins), but the writing I got out of it was definitely the best I've produced in awhile.

All my hours at the library are basically set, a friend of mine is starting up a casual poetry workshop that'll meet once a week, and I feel like I'm finally settling in. At last. I keep forgetting I have a full meal plan. I should probably go eat at the dining hall, but I find myself feeling more like eating Ramen than anything else. I've been healthy though, I swear. I ate an avocado as an afternoon snack. There's a baguette sitting on top of my printer. This all must count for something.

Dinner. Reading. Maybe some writing. I will see how things pan out. James is showing Evan the entire series of Spaced, the ingenious British television show that Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Jessica Heinz are responsible for, over at 78 right now, and I really had to tear myself away. I spend little to no time at home. I missed a mandatory hall meeting today. I hope such things don't show up on my permanent record.

In closing, although I did post a video awhile back about Katy Perry being stupid and awful in spite of her catchiness, the backlash is really getting ridiculous. But don't take my word for it. See for yourselves.