Welcome To My Bed

Sleepy smiles.

I love going to bed with a feeling in my brain like the feeling you get from a full stomach on Thanksgiving: full and utterly satisfied, as if nothing else could possibly be necessary for you to feel content in that moment. That is the exact feeling I have right now. The only thing that could further my happiness right now would be James lying next to me right now, cuddling my big stuffed bear like he always did in the mornings when I got back from my early shift at work. Those were some of the more perfect moments of the last semester I had at school. Just seeing him smiling in his sleep was enough to melt my heart if iy hadn't already been melted countless times already by the time we got to a point that he could continue sleeping after I had left the room. The kind of comfortable we are with each other at this point is something I never thought I would have with anybody. I have always been a guarded person, but now I can really trust that there is someone looking out for me in all of the best ways possible.

And because of all this, in addition to e very wonderful visit with Maggie from earlier this evening, getting my guitar back from Jackson just in time to take it to school and learn things properly, and talking to James for pretty much the entire day, I can go to sleep content tonight. With the dark of my bedroom holding me in on all sides, I can let my mind slip out for hours of free wandering, and I know that all of the things it stumbles across will be beautiful and comforting. I like this feeling. A girl could get used to this feeling.