Welcome To My Bed

The longest (almost) goodbye.

I am sending my baby off to college. Well, my best friend. She'll be at Pratt, which isn't too far from home. Still, I worry. Her first year. My first besty who didn't go through it with me. I feel like the mother of a young child on the first day of preschool. Or something similarly jarring. In my mind, she will always be in high school, because my big "life change" happened when she was still doing the whole locker, latch-key kid, applications and proms and such scenario. It almost breaks my heart. Maybe that's just because I'm listening to "Fidelity" by Regina Spektor.

And now it's Peter, Bjorn and John, and I am reminded of getting arrested last summer. So many memories. I am drinking the most delicious beer right now, and out of a pilsner glass no less. Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Pale Ale. The foam tastes like my grandma's butter cookies that she makes most regularly at Christmas. And so I am reminded of the Angry Vegan who broke veganism to eat said cookies. And sitting in my room watching Cop Detectives for the first time with Grace Ann. In a way, I really miss last year, But I am so excited for this one. This may be the best year yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I want the best for everyone and everything. I want an entry level job at Random House as an editor's assistant and an apartment in Brooklyn with Maggie. I want to drink this beer for the rest of my life and remember this monumental night. Always on the cusp of something. Always something wonderful yet to come.