Welcome To My Bed

Late-night internet browsing.


"I hate trying to put my desire into words when my body knows exactly what to say. Come home."

I have never fallen in love with a web comic. Until now. I found A Softer World by accident last night when I was awake long past my bedtime. I had weird dreams because of all the strange things that go on in it. I dreamt I was running up a pyramid that had been covered in snow until just recently. And my mom had to get four new tires. Someone attacked me with spray paint and ruined a skirt I really liked. My brain is weird when I go to sleep while still awake. Or at least with an awake brain. To get professional again, the link can now be found in the sidebar.

Also, listen to Optiganally Yours. I don't know how to descirbe them, their music is an oddity you have to experience for yourself. I recommend "Donut".

And finally, a Ryan Adams update: his current preoccupation with the Leah Hayes graphic novel Funeral of the Heart, coupled with my current urge to only read things that occur in cells, has prompted me to buy a new book. Some of the first mail I will get at school for the year (disregarding the DVD copy of High Fidelity I ordered a couple days ago), and I cannot wait. Who knows if there will actually be time to read it. I am hoping to squeeze it in some time between writing until my hands fall off and studying French with all of my waking hours.