Welcome To My Bed

Publicity and such.

Sorry for the extended hiatus, but vacation turned into a unexpected hospital stay for my baby brother. However, he is now home again and doing just fine, leaving me time to take up the blog again and bring you random bits of the life I have collected and save in a box.

One of my dearest friends, and the leader of the Hampshire Slam Collective, Sean Conlon, is always up to no good. And I love him for it. Currently he's living in Massachusetts with the rest of the Hampshire Slam Nationals team, helping them hone their skills, and also (I'm absolutely sure of this) doing many many ridiculous things. I stumbled across this video the other day on my Livejournal friends page, and I had to share. Because I was equally horrified at Katy Perry. But sometimes catchy overrides political thought. But don't take my word for it, just watch and consider.

That is all for today. One of my best friends had a six hour tattoo sitting yesterday that I must investigate. Also, I worked a twelve hour shift yesterday and I kind of feel like death.