Welcome To My Bed

Changing makes things easier.

I have no idea how people do long distance.

James and I have agreed that our friendship is too important to strain it with three-thousands miles-worth of weight, a 43 hour long drive kind of distance, so we are giving ourselves a break and just letting things be. You really can't have a relationship over the phone. In my head, he's my boyfriend, and he says that in his head, I'm his girlfriend, but there's no way to be active about it when we're so far away from each other. Considerably less stress for me now that all that is sorted out.

Pretzel goldfish and salacious Pulitzer Prize-winning books are my afternoons when I am not waiting tables. Days each move at their own specific velocity. New people from old places keep popping up, and I don't know if I have enough memory to hold onto all of them, but I really want to.