Welcome To My Bed

Vacations of olde.

My sister, the one who I'll be moving in with in a couple weeks, just called to ask me if I remembered family vacations from when we were little and how the houses always had like eight decks and how our grandpa wouldn't let us onto the deck unless we asked, "Permission to come aboard!" I countered with asking if she remembered how we used to have performances from those very same decks, which we would make our parents and relatives watch from the driveway. I remembered, and so did she. I told her that we should repeat these same behaviors this summer on the next family vacation. She laughed and told me she had to get ready for work.

All of this really makes me want to go to the beach. But I need to buy a new bathing suit first. Is it practical to spend $40 on such a thing? I really want this one from Victoria's Secret but I'm not sure I should spend so much...


But it's so cute...I don't know. None of my suits from last year really fit me. We'll see. I'm working a lot this week, and hopefully I'll make good money. Tonight is an engagement party for some pretty wealthy people, so I hope they're big tippers.