Welcome To My Bed

Settling in.


I cleaned my room from 10:30 this morning until about 4:30 this afternoon. And then I watched the news, followed by my first time cooking for anyone since I've been home. My family was very happy with my chicken casserole skills. If all goes according to plan, I'll be moved back into my real room by this weekend.

I was supposed to go see X this Saturday night with Maggie and Sherry, but my mom put me on the schedule to work that night and I am not all that happy about it. I mean, if I'm there I get paid, and I have to work Sunday morning brunch anyway, but I'm still upset, because I made these plans the night I got home from school, and now they probably aren't happening. I really wish I had found a second job this week instead of doing intensive cleaning and sorting for the garage sale, but I guess things happen the way they're meant to. As of right now, I have eight or nine bags of things to sell and I also threw out about five or six bags of garbage. I didn't know I owned so much stuff. Or I guess I just didn't realize I had so many things I was willing to part with.

I started sewing a dress last night out of some sheets I bought the other day at a tag sale, along with these fantastic lockets.


I love shopping at places where everything must go by the end of the day, the discounts are impossibly amazing. I'll post pictures of the dress when it's all finished. I'm basing it on this amazing Kimchi and Blue dress that Urban Outfitters had last summer that I was absolutely in love with but couldn't bring myself to spend $80 on. Making things myself is so much more fulfilling anyway.

I can't wait to be back in my natural habitat.