Welcome To My Bed



In New Jersey, laying low for awhile and enjoying eating and shopping for free. My mom gave me money to go pick up some essentials this afternoon, so Maggie and I drove around in the rain and ran errands together. Everyone we encountered drove like an asshole.

The day is basically gone already, and I haven't done anything seriously productive. Tomorrow I'm working with my mother in the evening, and the morning will most likely be a tag sale spree with Maggie and my other mother.

Last night while I was trying to get to sleep, my sister kept me up for nearly two extra hours talking about all sorts of things, even though she had an AP exam this morning. I took a really refreshing nap on the couch between the end of Oprah and a dinner of tuna noodle salad and some delicious avocado something-or other. I want to bake some bread really soon.

I left a calendar, a painting, a set of keys, and a mood ring in Massachusetts. Along with my dishes and cookware, but that I left so that James would have them for when he moves to Los Angeles, whenever that happens.

Today while Chrissie and I were hanging out in her room, we somehow got to talking about flying places, and it eventually turned into an argument about whether or not we'll be able to plausibly take planes anywhere without it being exorbitantly expensive. My economics class has soured me on optimism in that department. I feel like I know too much to be optimistic about oil prices and everything tangled up in them. At any rate, I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do and where I want to be after college, and I think what I'm most interested in is moving out to the west coast to Seattle or Portland (California seeming impractical at this point, but who knows) and making my own life. It's frustrating to be here; it's necessary, and I know that I'm going to try as hard as humanly possible to graduate early, but I think that the best way to get what I want is to get as far from being dependent as possible, and that means physically too. There's a considerable amount of time until all of this becomes more pressing, but I think that's it's never too early to worry about. I don't want to end up stuck where I can't be happy.