Welcome To My Bed

Pancake face.

Buying make-up is one of my least favorite activities. I always think it's going to cost less than it actually does. And all the outrageous claims on the package are never accurate. But I refuse to despair. I also bought film, oh dying art form, oh sad and wonderfully archaic alternative to the digital that I dread. Pretty soon they'll do away with you like they did away with my Polaroid. Because instant film competes too much with instant digital pictures? I have no idea. I
just recently learned however, that they will continue to make the film for my camera, just not the medium or large format types any longer. Sighs of relief, sort of.


Something from the summer, Maggie and Sean in the diner with the best fries.

Anyway Photojojo has a great guide to dealing with the final year of the Polaroid type of wonderful that we have come to adore so much. And Found Magazine put out a book of Polaroids, which I am planning on ordering, because I am sure there are quite a few gems in there.

At any rate, I am planning on resurrecting my Lomos for this evening, when we'll be seeing X. I haven't taken pictures in far too long. I need to go hunt down some double A batteries.