Welcome To My Bed

No rest for the broke.

There is no such thing as summer work anymore. Everything requires permanence. I am going to have to rely on the upcoming garage sale revenues of the summer to get myself to LA, and who knows if that will even be enough. This is incredibly bothersome. I picked up applications to TJ Maxx and Harmon, but I don't want a sad excuse for a part-time job. I want to get paid to interact with people, not to look dead-bored behind a register. I guess there is no such thing as pleasant work anymore? I miss Rohrs' so so so much.

Speaking of, the world is incredibly devoid of cool coffee shops. There are two in the Amherst area that I know of, which is ludicrous because there should be more just by virtue of the fact that it's a college town. With at least five college within 15 minutes. And here...well I guess it's more understandable in suburban New Jersey for there not to be independent coffee shops, but come on. Cool Beans in Oradell really isn't that cool. And the next one is across the border into New York state, somewhere in Piermont. I want Rohrs' to come back so that I have a job and a guaranteed cool place to hang out. But of course, my job choices are reduced to begging restaurants to take me or filling out my age rank and serial number and handing it over to a filing cabinet for discount wares. Neither is thrilling.

I think that it is getting to be the time where I call my art school and badger them about modeling. Yes, it is getting to the point where I will take my clothes off for money. There isn't much to draw, but hey, if I am getting paid, I am getting paid. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, not by a long shot. Liberating? Let's hope so. Lucrative? If only.

I loathe being stuck in this rut of joblessness.