Welcome To My Bed

Back Downtown, among other things.


A baptism by fire into the things I have always loved and forgotten about a little too readily. I haven't seen true live music since I saw Brand New a year and a half ago, and that doesn't even count cos it was at Madison Square Garden and there was too much space between me and the stage. I missed sweaty little rock clubs. I missed things being real. I missed Lower Manhattan so much, but it doesn't seem the same to me anymore. At any rate, X was utterly fantastic. Thirty-one years as a band, and they sound exactly like they do on their albums from the 70's.


Additionally, I have been watching movies like it's my job lately. To kill the boredom I guess. Last Tuesday was a John Malkovich Movie Night, and I watched The Man in The Iron Mask and of course, Being John Malkovich. Yesterday I watched The Pianist and The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford. Casey Affleck has only proved himself to be more of a god in my eyes. Everything I have ever seen him in, even that awful excuse for a movie The Last Kiss, he steals out from under whoever he is acting alongside. Brad Pitt may have won best actor at the Venice Film Festival for this gem, but Casey Affleck is the one who everybody else nominated and congratulated all over the world, and with good reason. He is so ridiculously talented. Assassination is definitely in my top ten movies of the year, without a doubt. The cinematography alone is absolutely breathtaking. Apparently the same director of photography worked on No Country For Old Men, a movie I feel asleep during. But I guess I'll have to give it another chance, because this guy's work is absolutely amazing. I don't care about the Coen Brothers at all, but we shall see.

This week, I'm Not There, Scorcese's The Age of Innocence with Daniel Day Lewis, and a guilty pleasure, The Rules of Attraction will all be arriving. And I reopened my Netflix account, so there will be plenty of movie watching happening this summer. I love escaping into my television set.

James will be in LA by the end of the week, setting up his temporary West Coast life. Maggie will be going to school at Pratt in the fall, and she wants me to spend a semester at Gallatin in a year or so. I am heavily considering it. We would tear up the town if we lived in such close proximity. There are so many things to think about.