Welcome To My Bed

Baby steps.

Walking slowly towards high-functioning adulthood. Inquiring about a very possible job this afternoon. Waitressing. Tips. Thank god. After that, the circus, where I will take pictures and relax for about eight minutes. Waiting tables tonight, banquet-style. Tuxedo shirt and all. I've even started exercising regularly and being responsible about my health. Next I will be making doctor's appointments and taking out the recycling. I am scaring myself.

But really, I made a resolution late last night to use every second wisely. I complain mentally that I sleep too much and do too little. So this summer will be my attempt to turn that around. I will only call people if they deem it necessary to call me. I will only go out when I actually want to. I will only own the things I desperately must have. That one will probably add about 18 more bags to the garage sale pile. I should just open a secondhand clothing store. I would be so good at it. Perhaps in the future.

At any rate, I need to find batteries for my camera, socks for work, and an acceptable shirt to wear for a waitressing interview?