Welcome To My Bed



Finishing up a rough draft for a paper, and there are more post-its in my book than I had expected to put there. I doubt I will remember the information I intended to quote once I turn to the page. Whoever invented post-its is obviously not into living green, because it is much easier to underline the quotes you want in pencil and then just flip through.

Speaking of living green, today in my seminar on Black Mountain College we talked about Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the geodesic dome. He wore three watches; one for where he was, one for where he came from, and one for where he was going. I like to imagine that was the least strange of his quirks. He kept everything he ever wrote in an exhaustive chronological file, even the napkins he drew on. Signed, dated and filed. I have so many shoeboxes full of my paper life, I feel as though I border on such obsession sometimes. I would not wish to align myself with crazies if they didn't happen to be so interesting.

Speaking of, my Cage book came in the mail this morning. I am very excited. I have yet to open the package. I am waiting for when I have some time to spend with it.

And now it's time to write about homosexuality in the Middle East, reformatted into APA style. Which I have no experience with. Awesome.