Welcome To My Bed

Why am I awake?

"Why Do I Keep Counting" by the Killers.

This is how I stay awake when it is this late. Camel #9's were Buy1Get1 at the Hess station.


Down to the filter, so Jersey.

I have been asleep on and off since about 9 thirty. Sometimes mid-evening naps are all I really need. I think that has something to do with the fact that I have been in the sun so much lately. It is affecting the amount of energy I have.

I'm probably going to watch Drop Dead Gorgeous until I get to tired to function and then turn it off mid-sentence. Juno always makes me want to watch Drop Dead Gorgeous. Because of Allison Janney. She is so fantastic. The few episode of the West Wing I have ever seen make her even more awesome.

I think I might be severely dehydrated. And also kind of hungry. But sadly, there are zero snack foods in this house. I should probably just go back to bed.