Welcome To My Bed

Sleep deprived.

Soon, there will be insomnia. The fleeting memory of sleep is already trickling out of my life slowly but surely. Three or so weeks left, and I have to organize four final portfolios on top of my retrospective for the year. And there are two final papers and a final project. So much writing. I foresee a flurry of manilla envelopes and three rings binders and so so much printer ink.

May will be so gratifying, once all of this needless paper is out of my life.

Last night Kaitlin and I talked for a long time, laughing more than planning. Something about mattresses was discussed, but mostly I cried remembering the people she used to know in high school and the clothes that she would wear. I can't believe that was all over five years ago. I was reading an article for one of my classes this morning and it seemed utterly ridiculous that 1999 is nearly ten years ago. I have no concept of time.

I am losing track of people and of myself, and I don't have enough hands to hold on.


Everything is a blur, but whirlwinds all settle eventually.