Welcome To My Bed

Reunited and it feels so good.


My love for John Krasinski only grows with each passing day. Thank god the Office premiers a new episode tonight. I am excited beyond belief. I've been watching and rewatching the beginning of this season on Hulu like you would not believe, and I am dying to see what happens next. I never liked television much before (besides Law and Order: Criminal Intent), but the Office has changed everything. It's all James's fault. One of the stipulations of our early dating relationship was that I see the Office, and he judged me based on whether or not I liked it. I'm pretty sure the reason that we're together today is because we talk about how hot Pam is all the time.

I've begun making myself notebooks by ripping the covers off old issues of Art Forum I salvaged from the library recycling pile and making signature of filler paper or legal pads. I am very excited about all of this. I am halfway through my current Moleskine and getting restless. I started collaging for the first time in ages today, and I am convinced it's because I want to waste pages.