Welcome To My Bed


For a couple days, I was terrified that Ryan Adams had stopped blogging. But he is back, thank god. Having access to all of the rarities of his that I could ever need could never be enough, I need a window into his mind. And also, reading him impersonating (is that the right word here?) his own computer writing a blog is just too wonderful. In world where spring is just not coming quickly enough, at least I have Foggy to look forward to.

And since I haven't posted one for this week, and I'm pretty sure I didn't post one last week either, here are the things making me happy right about now:


"Mouse Guard - Fall 1152" by David Petersen

James bought this today at Newbury Comics, and usually I am not too keen on graphic novels, but the images are fantastic and adorable and I am fully in love. We sat in bed for about an hour after we got home taking turns doing voices for the characters and got through about half the book that way. I need to buy a copy for my little brother. He likes anime too much. He needs real art.


Providence for my summer residence.

That is my sister there, and even though she lives closer to me than the rest of my family, I see her considerably less. Cranston is only two hours from Amherst, and New Jersey is three hours if you get lucky with traffic, so none of this makes sense. But we will be in an apartment together for a good three months or so, which may just make up for all the time apart.

And then there's the whole awful debacle of reading too much of my economics textbook for tomorrow. I am so not happy right now. Except when I think of the above.