Welcome To My Bed


Classes in liberal arts colleges are designed to give me a death-wish.  And it's not the fault of the subject matter.  I enjoy reading.  A lot.  I don't have enough time for it normally.  I wish that all my classes could be literature classes and all my professors expected me to read a book a week and tell them all about it.  They don't expect that though.  No child left behind.  Or teenager.  Or young adult.  Or anybody really.  But people are arguing about the theoretical existence of "social change police" in my Oil and the Middle Eastern Economies class.  I become exasperated.  I just want to write the songs that buzz in my jawbone when I take walks.  I can never remember them when I get to a place where I can write.  I need a tape recorder.

Fifteen minutes left.  Egyptian society.  Great opulence in the upper middle class.  Distinct need to maintain social status.  Arguments for education.  Women arguing for women's right to become literate, scary skinny kid who looks eerily like someone I accidentally saw in an amateur porn is being sexist.  It is almost ironic.  The thing about amateur porno kid anyway.  The women arguing for women's right are just stock characters.  I wish I was feminist.  I have so many more friends.  And so much more to do.  There are just so many student groups for such things.

Tonight I am skipping a film screening of a movie called "Crude Awakening" for this oil class in favor of seeing a the premiere of a a TV show in which I have a bit part as a bad actress during an audition montage.  The writer and director wanted to kill me because I couldn't act poorly.  But they ended up doing a recast for one of the characters (because the girl who played her went crazy and dropped out), and now I am a regular.  I am playing a lesbian.  Even if I'm not that great at it, I feel like people will find it believable because so many people think that I'm gay to begin with.  I hate when people who claim to hate stereotypes still employ them in every day life.  Hypocrites.

Anyway, trailer for what I will spend my evening doing.  Besides getting very drunk.