Welcome To My Bed

If I ever recover.

The shuffle on itunes rarely goes off without a hitch.

Last night, in the midst of the best functioning of itunes that I've ever encountered, the Elton John song "Candle in the Wind" came on, and I was uncomfortable. I made a mental pact with the person I was with not to mention it because then it would only become more awkward once it had been put into words.

It's such a shame, because in the midst of a lot of great Beatles songs, the Eagles, a live version of Bob Dylan's "Tangled Up in Blue", and almost two hours worth of really fantastic music, Elton John had to rear his ugly head and spoil the moment. I don't want to be thinking about Marilyn Monroe's death on a normal day, and especially not at the time when that song came on. I can't decide which was worse, the tribute song, or the piece of score for Band of Brothers that magically appeared to make me feel ridiculous.

Sountracking our lives can only lead to frustration, but I can't help needing theme music for everything. Thank god there is someone else in this life who agrees. After our amazing shuffle experience (minus the two oddities) we saved all of it as a playlist to be revisted at a later date. Oh, the miracles of technology.