Welcome To My Bed

Good morning from Philadelphia.


Philly slam mistress Jane Cassady has opened her lovely home to us: Mckendy is failing at tetris, Cass is in fat-cat-snuggling heaven, and Sam is awake before noon. Generally, we are out of our element, but loving the (frigid) adventure so far.

I plan on checking in at least every time we move cities. I want a picture in every kitchen we wake up to. This one has miniature cupids, a whole jar of them. And skylights. And a clock that ticks out loud. I'd like to come back here in spring sometime to sit on the terrace with sun tea and a good long novel.

Our tourist activities for the day are set to include a visit to the Mutter Museum (where Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz is a writer in residence and has curated a cabinet--she warned us to watch out for the staggering number of rib cages on display) and then the obvious detour for those famous cheesesteaks.

If you're in town, come see us tonight for a forty minute set at Infusion on Germantown Ave. We have brand new TOUR EXCLUSIVE books, as well as plenty of shenanigans in store.

Road love!

Stay out of the business.

I have been lazy in terms of writing lately. I am going to continue to be. My novel is due, completed (at least in some sense), this December. I am still kicking unborn scenes around. I need to buckle down. Instead, I'll show you what we looked like in St. Paul.


Breakfast at Mickey's our first morning in St. Paul.


Tackling Sam through a storefront window.


Updating the exhaustive minute-by-minute travelog at dinner before our first bout.



Anddddd I found a carrot flower in my soup. No joke. We sang.


Anna & Mckendy talk politics. Or something.


Way too much time at the same thai place...

The first leg.

Greetings from Ortonville, Michigan. The Lady Poets are taking a day of rest before continuing on our way to world domination (fingers crossed), and that day of rest is turning out to be glorious. First off, check out this good looking breakfast:


It goes quite well with the good looking morning we woke up to in a bed that felt like a cloud, a mattress so soft that I slept like a rock. Not that that makes much sense. Anyway. Sunshine so perfect you get drunk just looking at it:


And now, a selection of entries from the road trip log thus far, a minute-by-minute record of the strange things said, done and seen on our way to Nationals.

9:28 AM

Bumper sticker: "Nashua belongs to Jesus Christ." Sweet life, Trashua. I thought you were the meth capital of New England...

1:40 PM

First Amish sighting. "Are they even allowed to wear bright blue?"

2:14 PM

Who parks this beauty at a Pennsylvania McDonalds??


2:28 PM

"Are we still in Pennsylvania?"
"Yes, Pennsylvania has child-bearing hips."

5:08 PM

Ohio. Also, "No Scrubs".

7:19 PM

Speeding ticket.

7:34 PM

Ohio: where the cops are all assholes and the gas stations are too far away.

8:12 PM

My first nuclear power plant.

9:44 PM

Big Beaver Rd
Exit 69 A-B
I-75 N
Fo realz.

And because I just said Pennsylvania way too many times, here's a song about it:

The briefest of briefs, Monday morning edition.

Good morning world and welcome to the under-2-inches-of-slush edition of my life. Today will consist of Grössby desperately attempting to tear me away from deciphering my own scribblings (read: assembling a properly documented portfolio and reflexive essay--two years worth of scribbling, to be exact), and then there will be me attempting to resist. It will look something like this:

menaced by a non-descript shark appendage

Grössby would rather it go more along these lines:

Photobucketfully in love, bathed in angelic light

Meanwhile, I have long since realized I am not about to escape college completely unscathed. At last count, I have acquired three cigarette burns, a heaping helping of flannel, and somewhat acceptable writing skills in this bargain, among other ailments. In all honesty, none of these things are going to get me very far. But I am okay with that, beyond mentally prepared for what will come next. I spent the better part of a three hour drive yesterday thinking about all the ways in which I could backpack across America. Also, I thought a lot about screech owls.


I am still looking for the through-line. I'll call you when I find it.



"Home" (whatever that word means anymore, I can't even be sure) for the past few days has been nothing but full of surprises. I spent the bulk of yesterday in Brooklyn for a partial reunion of Mod 30 (more on that later), and today I got my car fixed in under and hour and have begun sorting through all of the boxes and bags that may or may not need to go back to Amherst with me. Rediscovery is the word of the day. I found my favorite hat in a cardboard box in the basement full of other hats and the contents of last year's desk. I am reveling in feeling slightly Russian, watching soap operas with my mom and eagerly reorganizing my things in preparation for the impending departure.

In extra special, super awesome, LIFE magazine cover news, I have acquired a picnic basket the likes of which the world has yet to truly appreciate, and pie plate that is sure to get at least weekly use this fall, what with our farm share and my constant need to enlist Peter's baking skills after class. I am very excited for pies and turkey chili and lots of writing under fall leaves. September is by far my favorite month, and not only because people have already started in with birthday gifts (nearly a month early, but I wouldn't dream of complaining). Grössby and I have big plans for the coming year, very big, even megalodon-sized plans.

Itchy feet.


Last week Kait and I went to a truly wonderful dinner party in Narragansett hosted by a few of her friends who are visiting for the summer from France. Karen and Patrick living in Paris for most of the year but take long holidays every summer, and I was so happy to meet them after hearing so many wonderful things from my sister. Kait is going to visit them next April (which I am insanely jealous of - silly senior year...), a trip I'm sure she's been longing for ever since she left Paris after her last visit way back in high school.

Several glasses of wine and lots of delicious little appetizers got me to a warm and fuzzy state that allowed for some serious considerations, some of which I'll share with you now. Patrick and I spoke a great deal about traveling, how important it is to travel while you're still young and excited about learning everything you can get your hands on. I've always been a huge proponent of travel, but talking about it with this level of seriousness really got me revved for some world traveling. I figure that I should start on the smaller side, and lately I've been leaning heavily towards a North American road trip next September. If I'm in Rhode Island and working all summer just like I was this year, I'll be able to save up enough money to make it happen, and I've always wanted the open road and all that it has to offer. And I have seen far too little of this country to be able to call it my own. So there's that plan. And then there's my maybe-reachable pipe dream of a European tour including Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin and whatever I can get my hands on in between. As much as I'd love to go to London and Paris, I'm more interested in the more northern oddities to be found. And there's always my off-in-the-distance longing for Asia - backpacking through India, bar hopping in Japan. The world seems so big, and the only foreign things I have any grasp of at this point are foods from places I have never seen. I feel ashamed of that, but I know that I have more than enough gusto to get on a plane, even if it's alone, and undertake some adventures.

Come this May, I have no idea where my feet will take me, but I'm very excited to follow them.