Welcome To My Bed



New phone, because the buttons on my old phone are falling off left and right. You would think the thing would be more durable than that. Hopefully this one will remain functional. And I'll have unlimited internet access. This does not mean I'll be getting a Twitter. Just in case you were concerned.


I'm trying not to do anything productive and failing miserably. Although I didn't manage to successfully distract myself by checking blogs and seeing that Sean posted his results for some weird internet "seduction style" quiz. I was intrigued, had to take it. The questions were very strange. I'm not sure if I agree with my results. Maybe because I've seen Johnny Depp's portrayal of such a person and I like to think that I won't die of syphilis because I fall in love with too many people and enjoy too many things. But anyway, here is my classification:

You should take it too. I'm curious to see if it's at all accurate for anybody. Even though internet quizzes are all a bunch of bullshit.

The saga continues...

I spent four hours in the library computer lab today, and finally finished re-typing my book from a manuscript and various other sources. I printed it putting four pages on one side of a piece of paper, and it fits on sixteen piece of paper double sided in this tiny ant format. I keep emailing the file to myself, but as a result of recent events, I no longer trust technology. Everything needs to be backed up or in hard copy from now on. I don't know what I would do if for some reason the meticulous editting and revisions I did disappeared into thin air. Probably just start re-typing again.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the Holyoke Apple store to get everything checked out. My IT people lied, and I still have two years of warranty left. I am crossing my fingers that I won't need a completely new laptop, and that they won't need to keep my computer overnight. Driving back and forth to the mall is a pain in the ass. Malls remind me so much of New Jersey...I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Probably more of the second one.

While in the computer lab, I drank a giant thermos of coffee to combat a hangover, the first one I've had in about two years. I only get hangovers when I get sick the night before. And man did I get sick last night. Thankfully, no permanent damage has been done. Except that I'm crashing from my afternoon caffeine OD. But James is making pasta. Hopefully I can distract my body by filling myself with a lot of carbs and pretending away this intense back pain that won't quit.

The epic string of mysterious illnesses really needs to leave me alone.

I am getting an external hard drive for Christmas from my dad. Thank god my family has never given me useless presents.


I think my Macbook is fighting for its life right now. I say this uncertainly because I don't know what they're doing to it in IT right now. I am at work, sorting out books from Mount Holyoke and Smith, trying not to panic. I don't even really care about the computer itself. All I want is my Documents folder. I swear, if I lose the three years of work I've been doing on my book, I will not know what to do with myself. If I lose my poetry, I will be equally as destroyed. Losing both would surely kill me.

What does it mean when you laptop loads at start-up to a flashing picture of a gray folder with a question mark in the middle of it? There is no way to navigate away from this screen. They said it probably had something to do with hard drive. Please god no please god no please god no. I need it back. I am impatient and terribly worried. Hopefully everything will work out alright.



So recently, I finally downloaded the new iTunes. And there is a new feature, besides a highly jarring view mode where you scroll through album covers instead of the grid of songs and artists everyone is pretty used to. It is called "Genius". Now, the people at Apple are pretty presumptuous, because Genius is not as high functioning as they would have you think. It can only make its "genius" playlists using knowledge it has from the iTunes store and artist comparisons made therein. It does not know what to do with the Beatles. Or anything not available for sale through Apple for that matter.

The above screenshot is what it gave me for Ryan Adams's "Nuclear". It is a decent playlist. But what if I had wanted "Nowhere Man" on it? I think that Genius needs some kind of tie-in with Pandora. Because maybe then things would work out properly. I tried to make a sleepytime playlist last night with this feature using "Alone in Kyoto" by Air, and no matter what, so much Le Tigre kept showing up. I cannot fall asleep to Le Tigre.